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Hello and Welcome to TarttWeb, a free web resource site for anyone.

The Mission

The mission of TarttWeb is to help the average non-techy person, small business owner, blogger, and anyone that wants to own an online business or website. TarttWeb aims to provide easy-to-understand articles, guides, tutorials, reviews, and helpful tips to succeed in today’s ever-changing technological world.

TarttWeb’s primary focus for building a website is the free and open-source website building software WordPress.org. You will also find helpful articles about many other topics that make up an online business, such as branding, marketing, SEO, social media, coding, and much more.

The Story

My name is Jeff Tartt, father of three and the founder of TarttWeb. I have worn many different hats and have gained experience in a wide range of trades throughout my life; I like to say that I am a “Jeff of all trades.” It’s true, I am probably a master of none, but I have a solid foundation in all and have a love for building knowledge.

TarttWeb founder Jeff Tartt

My experience spans a wide range of industries, such as promotional products, software, mobile, web development, branding, print, web design, eCommerce, marketing, finance, freelance, reselling, and many others. Yes, I have done labor jobs too.

The story of TarttWeb begins in Spokane, Washington 2020 when COVID-19 hit. During this time, I was out of a job and had two major surgeries and one minor. I had a whole lot of downtime!

Having health issues is never a good thing, but being at home with my three children was a blessing! I realized that I wanted to be with them as much as possible; while being financially independent.

I thought to myself, the only way I’m ever going to achieve this is to find a way to do what I like and help others while doing it. Well, I like research, building stuff on the internet, doing graphics, and just about all things internet or computer-related!

Ok, so I decided to use my love for the internet and diverse portfolio to build a website that will help others lead more independent lives and have more free time with their loved ones. Most importantly, to help others that lack the technical know-how to create what they want on the internet.

More specifically, to help those, who are beginners, people with no technical know-how, and have no experience owning a website or running an online business; succeed and lead more productive lives. Yes, advanced users are welcome too.

And TarttWeb was born.

So hang out and get these benefits.

If you are a person with no technical skills looking to create a website online that is 100% yours with complete control, then you’re in the right place. If you’re a person that already owns a website and it happens to be WordPress, then you are also in the right place.

  • get inspirational content to spark creativity
  • get insightful tips to help with daily tasks
  • get in-depth tutorials and guides
  • get honest reviews on tools to help manage your business
  • get information about new features and trends

Let’s Connect

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